The media director of the magazine YEAR / ZERO, Enrique de Vicente has confirmed its participation in the “Congress of ufology, EL MONTANYÀ 2014″. With its participation in a cartel meeting closes with the best researchers of the phenomenon of Catalonia and Spain, confirmed as the largest of its kind carried out in Catalonia and one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula.

Enrique is a journalist specializing in themes from paracientífics 1968. Nowadays the international journal year/zero, who founded the 1990. He has been director, Editor in Chief, correspondent and·contributor to fifty Spanish and foreign publications and a score of radio and television programs. He is the author of several books. It is certainly one of the most international españols researchers of the moment.

CARTELL CONGRES facebookAt the conferences to participate: ENRIQUE VICENTE, SEBASTIÀ D ' ARBÓ, VICENTE FUENTES, <font><font>DAVID PARCERISA</font></font>, JORGE SÁNCHEZ, MARCELINO REQUEJO, ALFONSO TRINIDAD AND XAVIER SOLER. Which exhibit various and varied topics from the world of UFOlogy. The Conference is open to the public and offers several possibilities to attend, Des daily entry, up in the gaudín of various services offered by the hotel with the category of 4 stars, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner with the whole organisation and the speakers.

The Conference will take place in the town of <font><font>SEVA</font></font> (<font><font>BCN</font></font>) the days 15,16, and 17 in August of this year, AT THE HOTEL SERHS EL MONTANYÀ 4****

You can buy tickets by clicking on the link of REUNALIA:


<font><font>http</font></font>://<font><font>planetaovni.cat / congres /</font></font>

<font><font>La conferència està organitzada i patrocinada per aquesta web</font></font> Ediciones Oblicuas.

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  1. Jordi Canalda says:

    Hi there,

    I ask what specifically did each day Tertulia make your conference “The Muntanyà”, I have not found it on the web. Where to buy tickets?

    Moltissimes Gracies!

  2. Jesus Jofre Mila says:

    Hola deseo asistir al congreso, pero me gustaria saber el orden y horario de intervencion de cada uno de los diferentes ponentes. Dia y hora en que esta prevista su intervencion.
    Es una información que no se si la tienen en su programa publico pero yo no la encuentro.
    Gracias anticipadas, espero su mail con la informaicon

    Jesus Jofre Milá

  3. nito lauría says:

    Por una cuestión de fechas, no podré asistir al Congreso de este año. Quería saber si una vez finalizado, se emite alguna síntesis, o se hace un resúmen de lo allí presentado.
    Muchas gracias

    • Redacció Writing says:

      Los que no podais asistir al evento, podreis ver las conferencias del evento en video en diferido, en el canal de vídeo que estamos preparando.
      Seguid atentos a nuestra página de Facebook, y en la web. En unos dias os lo anunciaremos.

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